GTD® Mastering Workflow Series Level1: Fundamentals



• Do your people sometimes feel like they are working harder but falling further behind?
• Are they working more hours at the expense of their home life?
• Can increased productivity really go hand-in-hand with lower stress level?
• Are they making optimal use of the technology tools they have to maximize their productivity?

The headwinds we face in life today are formidable. Emails and instant messages come in at a relentless pace. Calendars fill up. Distractions abound. We are consistently busy, but we lack the sense that we are focused on the right things. We seldom celebrate real achievement. Home life suffers, at the mercy of the demands of our professional lives, and vice versa.

This seminar provides practical techniques that will help you to get control of your world. You will increase your productivity, yes, but you will do so while maintaining a clear mind and the confidence that you are consistently focused on the right things. Applying a straightforward, practical methodology to dealing with changing priorities, shifting resources, and the sheer volume of emails, calls and texts, the Getting Things Done (GTD) approach has helped millions of busy people get more done with less stress.


If your colleagues feel that they have more to do than they can get done, or are working harder but falling further behind, GTD can help. It also accelerates existing high performance behaviors, translating ambition into action. GTD can help individuals overcome distraction, procrastination, and uncertainty and help teams to delegate better, come away from meetings with a clearly defined sense of purpose, and align on shared goals in ways that ensure that the right things get done. The methodology works with existing software and tools, and can be highly customized to individual preference and work style.


The results of applying GTD include greater focus and effectiveness in a more relaxed manner. It can help create space for longer-term strategic work while instilling confidence that the right things are actually getting done. This practical approach has already helped many teams and organizations to increase their return on invested energy, improve job satisfaction, and boost individual and group performance.


• The Fundamental Process – how can we think decisively and effectively about things we need to get done?
• The Five Phases of Workflow – a model for analyzing and optimizing the way we work everyday:
1. Capture – reduce distraction and freeing up mental space by ensuring we have a complete inventory of things that need our focus, from emails to important things that occurs to us in the shower
2. Clarify – apply a systematic approach to clarify what things that we have captured mean to you and how best to move them forward
3. Organize – create an effective, leak-proof system, using available tools and technologies, that is easily accessible as and when you need them
4. Reflect – ensure complete perspective on the moving parts in your world, so that everything gets the right amount of attention
5. Engage – have the confidence that at any given moment you are focused on the right thing

• Implementing Getting Things Done – how will you implement ideas and best practices from seminar?


Duration: 1 day Date: Tuesday 18th July 2017 Time: 9am-5pm (register from 8.30am)
Venue: TBC
Language: Thai (material in English)
Tuition: THB 9,900 (subject to VAT)
Register by 18th June 2017 or register as a group of 3 or more (one form of payment only please) to enjoy 15% discount.

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